Delivering safe and efficient maintenance services are important to keep a facility and its operators functioning at top performance. The Pecolift and Ecolift meet customer  requirements for maintenance, repairs and installation, while operating with no batteries or hydraulics to ensure a clean work area.

Where to use it

The Pecolift and Ecolift are ideal to be used for installation, general maintenance and repair work, especially when spending long hours working at heights.

Featuring a small footprint and low ground pressure, these products are a smart alternative to conventional aerial work platform that are larger. Work is easily done in confined areas, since the Pecolift and Ecolift have reduced dimensions.

For hazardous and/or clean room environments there is a stainless steel and/or an ATEX certified versions.

Consider the Pecolift and Ecolift for work in:

  • Commercial properties:

Whether you are managing products on a retail floor, in a warehouse, or performing maintenance at a hotel, office building, exhibit hall, stadium or arena, the Pecolift and Ecolift can provide an effective alternative to traditional methods.

  • Institutional buildings:

Hospitals, museums, government buildings, schools and universities use the Pecolift and Ecolift every day. With their ease of use, reliability, zero noise and oil-free, these products will enhance your productivity and provide a safer job site environment while not disturbing people in the vicinity of the work area.

  • Large vehicle production and facilities:

From maintaining your aircraft hangar to vehicle manufacturing-line inspection, the Pecolift and Ecolift will fit your needs. Operating without battery or oil the Pecolift and Ecolift have minimal risk of contamination on your site.

  • Industrial facilities:

For the industrial market the Pecolift and Ecolift provide a clean solution compared to traditional aerial working platforms. They also meet requirements for height safety and sustainable employment for large multinationals concerned about work well-being.

  • Hazardous work areas:

The Pecolift and Ecoolift can be used in a variety of work areas such as those found in, oil refining facilities, food production, petrochemical industries… The Pecolift-X and Ecolift-X are ATEX certified to work in highly restricted areas. Optional stainless-steel or galvanized steel versions are available for these applications.

  • Building fit-out:

At the end of construction projects in multi-story buildings, the Pecolift and Ecolift can be used in a wide variety of applications such as HVAC, sprinkler systems and/or electric cabling.  

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