The smart alternative to ladders

The Pecolift and Ecolift are the ideal alternative to ladders for working at low level heights (up to 4.2 m), since they are the only aerial work platforms that do not use batteries or hydraulics. This is why the Pecolift and Ecolift are known as “non-powered, powered access” making them an environmentally friendly solution for working at height.
These eco-friendly alternative to ladders are more effective, faster, efficient and designed with the operator in mid. Just step in, turn the handle and raise to the desired height. There is no need to erect and dismantle a scaffold tower, climb steps, a ladder or a podium.

The fully guarded platform and handrail protection help keep the operator safe from the ground up, making these elevated platforms a safer option for working at height. Moreover, the automatic locking wheels keep the machine in a horizontally fixed position while the worker is elevated.

These eco-friendly solutions for ladder substitution also provide an ergonomic work environment. Thanks to their patented mechanism the operator has the flexibility to work at the desired height in a comfortable position. The lift mechanism brings the operator smoothly to the chosen height, by simple rotation of the handle and releasing it when at the proper elevation.

The benefits of the Pecolift and Ecolift are:

  • No need to climb steps.
  • Designed with the operator in mind with its anti-slip platform and handrail protection.
  • Ability to adjust the desired height, either up or down, while in the platform.
  • Low ground pressure, ideal for raised flooring.
  • Compact dimensions, easy to manoeuvre.

The Pecolift and Ecolift conform with European machinery directive standard EN280 2009 and can be ATEX certified.

The Game Changing Platforms

Smart, efficient and ergonomic

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