Environmentally Friendly

The decrease on the amount of natural resources and the increase of population, food and resources demand, emissions and general pollution, make sustainability a Global issue that concerns from individuals to governments and companies.

Environmental legislation is getting more stringent and companies are looking for solutions that can help them to meet imposed and future regulations and standards. That is why, technology, equipment and tools chosen for accomplishing daily work such as general maintenance and repairs are of great importance.

The Pecolift and Ecolift are two access platforms with low environmental impact, that thanks to their design and lack of batteries or hydraulic system, make them also perfect for meeting clean room environments standards in companies.

What makes the Pecolift family sustainable and perfect for clean room environments?

Traditional elevated work platforms have always used hydraulic systems, batteries or engines to power horizontal movement and elevation. The Pecolift and Ecolift were the first elevated work platforms to offer an environmentally friendly solution for working at height safely.

Battery and electric power free, the Pecolift and Ecolift are elevated by simply and easily rotating the handle; with only 10% operator input and 90% mechanism input, the patented lift mechanism glides you smoothly to your chosen working height in seconds. The Pecolift and Ecolift are truly an eco-friendly solution.


Forget about having to recharge your access working platforms. The Pecolift and Ecolift are an environmentally friendly, powerless solution without batteries or a hydraulic system. They are noiseless. 

Clean room environments

The Pecolift and Ecolift are ideal for companies with high standards for clean room environments:

  • Zero possibility of leakage.
  • Well protected components.
  • Easy to clean.

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